Ambassador Hale Inaugurates 314 million rupee Information Technology Center in Karachi

Karachi:  Today, American Ambassador David Hale inaugurated a 314 million rupee state-of-the-art Information Technology Service Centre in Karachi that will support 3,000 employees providing back office and call center services to clients in Pakistan, the United States, and around the world.  An initiative of The Resource Group (TRG), an American-Pakistani venture, the call center will provide jobs to recent university graduates.

“The United States is one of Pakistan’s largest trading partners and many American companies are present and thriving here in Karachi and throughout Sindh.  Today we mark a successful American-Pakistani business partnership as we inaugurate this new IT services facility, a major expansion of the operations of TRG and its subsidiary IBEX Global, and the largest facility of its kind here in Pakistan,” said Ambassador Hale.

IBEX Global, a subsidiary of Washington, DC-based TRG, has a workforce with an average age of just over 30, and 25 percent of its staff are women.  Many of its entry-level employees leverage the experience gained at IBEX to pursue mid-level career jobs within TRG or elsewhere in the tech sector.

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