Ambassador Hale Remarks at Art in Embassies Event

Date: January 25, 2017 
Location: U.S. Embassy Islamabad 
Remarks as Prepared 

Good evening, and welcome.

For fifty years, we have had a program to showcase art in our embassies around the world. It enriches our daily lives, creates cultural exchange, and demonstrates the diverse expression of American and Pakistani voices.

I would like to recognize our Art in Embassies office, particularly Chief Curator Virginia Shore, who with great creativity and insight, assembled such an interesting collection of works by American and Pakistani artists.

I would also like to thank our Management , General Services and Facilities Management teams, for their hard work displaying these diverse pieces.

Tonight you get the first look at the new embassy collection.

Art helps us see our world from new perspectives. Creative interpretation allows us to both express and develop a deeper understanding of our ideas, beliefs and values. The language of art crosses borders, speaking to us regardless of nationality.

I hope you enjoy the collection and the music tonight from the excellent band Khumariyaan, here with us from Peshawar.

Thank you.