Ambassador Hale’s Inauguration of The Resource Group new IT services facility

Date: May 11, 2017
Location: TRG, Karachi
Remarks as prepared.

My thanks to Nadeem Elahi for hosting us. I would also like to recognize the management team of IBEX Global for traveling from the United States for today’s event.

The United States is one of Pakistan’s largest trading partners and many American companies are present and thriving here in Karachi and throughout Sindh.  The people of our two nations share a fundamental desire for peace, prosperity, and greater economic development.

Today we mark another successful American-Pakistani business partnership as we inaugurate this new IT services facility, a major expansion of the operations of TRG and its subsidiary IBEX Global.  It is the largest facility of its kind here in Pakistan.

There is growing demand for call centers and back office services both in Pakistan and around the world.  A third of the demand for the services of IBEX Global in Pakistan is from local customers.  The surge in demand from Pakistani clients is a sign of a strengthening economy and greater confidence in Pakistan as an investment market.

American investment in Pakistan leverages American human and financial capital to create jobs here in Karachi and across the country.  IBEX Global will support recent college graduates, providing high-paying jobs, extensive training, and a chance to acquire important professional skills.

We hope many of these young professionals will use the experience gained at IBEX Global to refine their skills and move up within the company or to mid-level careers in Pakistan’s emerging tech sector.  TRG is also a strong proponent of women’s economic enablement and is planning to host the next US-Pakistan Women’s Council Supply Chain Expo.

TRG is an American-Pakistani venture.  Many of its directors are dual nationals.  They have gained extensive professional and academic experience in America.  Together with U.S. capital, they are now putting that experience to good use and expanding their business in Pakistan.

Americans and Pakistanis are working together on business ventures, agriculture and energy projects, student exchanges, education and health, trade and investment, and so much else.  It is these people-to-people ties between American and Pakistani citizens that form the solid foundation for our partnership today, and will continue to do so in the future.