Ambassador Olson: U.S. Condemns Peshawar Attack

Islamabad, January 17, 2014

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Richard G.Olson extends his deepest sympathies to those injured and to the families of those killed in the horrific attack that took place January 16 at the Tableeghi Markaz religious center in Peshawar. The United States stands ready to assist Pakistani authorities in investigating this heinous crime in order to bring those responsible to justice.

The United States remains concerned about continuing extremist violence in Pakistan.  We condemn such attacks on places of worship, whether they take place in Pakistan or any other country.

Such extremist violence is an assault on the values of the people of Pakistan and a threat to a prosperous future for all citizens.

The suggestion that the United States had a hand in perpetrating this outrageous act, and played any role at all in inciting this or any kind of violence, is preposterous.

The United States continues to support the Government of Pakistan’s efforts to counter extremist violence.

The United States remains firmly committed to promoting peace and stability in Pakistan and the broader region.