Ambassador Remarks for Supply Chain Diversity Expo

Date: March 24, 2017
Remarks as Prepared 

I’m pleased to be here to recognize the valuable work of the U.S. Pakistan Women’s Council and WECREATE to advance women in business. A country can’t achieve its full economic potential without the participation of its entire workforce.

My thanks to WECREATE, Murtaza Zaidi, and the Indus Entrepreneurs for hosting us.  I would also like to thank the U.S. Pakistan Women’s Council Corporate Member Companies here with us today for helping break new ground on supply chain diversity and helping to support and mentor women’s businesses.

Women’s economic inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it is the profitable thing to do.  Many studies have documented how including women in hiring and supply chains directly benefits national economic growth.

WECREATE has done excellent work to provide expert mentorship and training for women.  The WECREATE Center has established its place in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial community.  Events like this one help participants make critical professional connections.

The U.S. Pakistan Women’s Council is a model of how to provide low-cost, high-impact assistance to mobilize female talent, build international economic ties and promote economic growth and social stability – all in advancement of the long-term national security of America and Pakistan.

Today’s Expo is the capstone of many months of hard work by WECREATE and the U.S. Pakistan Women’s Council, and also a lot of hard work by the entrepreneurs here today.  Your creativity, drive, and determination will have an ever-greater impact with new skills, information, and network of business contacts made available.

For those who have already taken that first, hardest step to start a business – congratulations.

For those involved in incubators and accelerators, you play a crucial role in fostering talent and facilitating networks that expand business opportunities.

And to those affiliated with participating corporations, you hold the key to reaching women and girls in all corners of the country, to giving them the information and connections they need to succeed, and to encouraging them to realize their potential as fully-engaged actors in the economy.

Women’s economic involvement is critical to achieving sustained economic growth and stability in both our countries.

Congratulations to everyone here on your achievements.