American Ambassador Hosts Concert in Celebration of Black History Month

Islamabad, February 22, 2017 – An American jazz quartet – Amikaeyla Gaston and the Mike Del Ferro Trio – performed at an event hosted by American Ambassador David Hale in celebration of America’s Black History Month yesterday, as Americans reflect on the struggles and triumphs of the African American community.  The concert was attended by 60 Pakistani and American guests.

The quartet’s visit to Pakistan helps showcase America’s diversity and composite heritage.  The group is conducting a variety of performances and workshops in Pakistan, organized by American Voices, the Pakistan-based Foundation for Arts Culture and Education (FACE), and the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN).

“Black History is American history.  Black History is part of our collective history, as Americans, as a people,” said Ambassador Hale in his welcome remarks.  “The arts have been influenced by many great Black Americans.  There is great power in music, as it challenges our understanding of the world around us and introduces us to new sounds and perspectives,” he continued.

“To have an intimate concert in the American Ambassador’s home at the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan is one of the most incredible experiences.  I’m so grateful to be here, to participate with everyone and, more than anything, share the beauty and love of music,” said Amikaeyla Gaston.

The American Embassy supports arts programming through a variety of initiatives.  Each year, with U.S. government support, dozens of Pakistani musicians participate in programs like the Pakistani Showcase at South-by-Southwest Music Festival, the Dosti Music Project, and Daniel Pearl World Music Days.  For more information on the American Embassy’s activities, please visit

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February 22, 2017

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