American Embassy English Language E-Teacher Alumni Transform Their Classrooms

Islamabad, May 15, 2018 – Fifty Pakistani English language teachers who successfully completed the U.S. Embassy-sponsored 10-week E-Teacher Scholarship program presented on their experience at a four-day conference in Islamabad.  Participants graduated from courses focused on topics such as Critical Thinking, Assessment, TESOL Methodology, Education Technology, Teaching Reading, and Differentiated Learning.

American Embassy Regional English Language Officer Maria Snarski met with the Pakistani educators during the conference and encouraged them to meet one another and reflect on their day-to-day education practices to develop new ideas to improve their classrooms.

“The E-Teacher Program and this alumni conference not only offers educators the opportunity to develop their own methodology and expertise,” Snarski said, “It allows them to think critically about the way they are preparing the youth of Pakistan for the future.”

Rabiah, an E-Teacher alumna based in KPK commented, “The course on Critical Thinking has helped me to transform my classroom pedagogy from slow spoon-feeding to active reasoning.”

The American Embassy sponsors English language programs in Pakistan for both teachers and students.  Each year, the programs educate over 3000 students via direct teaching to help them develop employability and leadership skills.  Additionally, English programs support approximately 300 teachers annually via face-to-face trainings and online courses.  There are more than 15,000 English program alumni in Pakistan.  For more information about these programs, visit and RELOPakistan on Facebook.

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