American Embassy Promotes Regional Connectivity at The Leaders Summit

American Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Pratt discussed the benefits of regional economic connectivity and American assistance to Pakistan at The Leaders Summit, a day-long conference sponsored by organizations such as Nutshell Forum and the Jang Media Group. Focusing on the theme of “The BIG Rethink,” the event featured discussions on innovation, leadership, energy, culture, diversity, business strategy, and crisis management.

“On regional connectivity, what we have tried to do is build a strategy that would increase trade and improve relations in the region between neighbors,” Pratt said. “If the region is better connected with better business relationships, we hope that will support ongoing improvements in political relationships.”

Pratt added that the United States and Pakistan have collaborated on a variety of measures to enhance regional connectivity and integration, such as rebuilding road infrastructure and expanding customs checkpoints. The United States and Pakistan also collaborate closely in areas such as education, exchanges, and energy, Pratt noted, through an ongoing Strategic Dialogue.

Approximately 500 people — including business leaders, government officials, and academics — attended the third-annual Leaders Summit, which was organized by Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, an alumnus of the American Embassy’s International Visitor Leadership Program. U.S. Agency for International Development Acting Mission Director James Peters also gave a presentation at the summit focused on leadership, ethics and society.