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Commercial Opportunities

Welcome to U.S. Commercial Service Pakistan (Services for U.S. Companies)

The U.S. Commercial Service can help you introduce and sell your products in Pakistan through a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are exporting to Pakistan for the first time and need to identify trading partners are an experienced exporter seeking to expand your presence in the market, we are ready to provide our support and help you achieve your goals. Based at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, we are among more than 200 U.S. Department of Commerce domestic and overseas offices worldwide. Our mission is to promote the export of goods and services of American companies and develop and protect U.S. business interests in foreign markets.

We have a vast network at our fingertips, supported by more than 1500 international industry and trade specialists committed to providing the best source of customized solutions for U.S. companies. Through our offices at the Embassy in Islamabad and our Consulates in Karachi and Lahore, we focus on promoting the exports of goods, products, equipment, services and technology from the United States to Pakistan, particularly by small and medium-sized businesses, and on the protection of United States business interests in Pakistan. Whether you are a U.S. business pursuing export opportunities, or a Pakistani firm seeking a new source of supply, we can assist. We encourage you to take a moment, page through our website and familiarize yourself with the variety of our services, tailored programs, and customized services available to you through the U.S. Commercial Service in Pakistan.

Services for U.S. firms:

Following is a list of our general assistance areas. We will work with you to tailor the right mix of U.S. Commercial Service capabilities to achieve your exporting goals.

Trade Counseling

  • Learn about the Pakistani market, how to enter the market or expand existing business in Pakistan.

Partner Search

  • Identify Pakistani business partners and obtain detailed company reports on the prospective partners.
  • Determine the marketability of your product or service in Pakistan.

Personalized Business Matchmaking

  • Meet one-on-one with pre-screened Pakistani buyers, sales representatives, and business partners through our Gold Key Service.

Single Company Promotion

  • Through the Single Company Promotion program, we will assist you in conducting a seminar or a technical training program about your products or services introduce your new distributor or agent to potential customers, find new customers, demonstrate your products, or host a reception in Pakistan.

International Company Profile

  • Through our International Company Profile service we conduct background business credit reports on local Pakistani firms. These reports provide you with information assessing a local firm’s suitability as a trading partner.

Trade Shows

  • Use our International Buyer Program to meet with pre-screened buyers and receive export counseling at major U.S. trade shows.

Market Research

For more details on Commercial Section programs and services, please click on the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service/Pakistan website at: http://www.export.gov/pakistan/