Deputy Chief of Mission & Consul General Visit Mohenjo Daro

Karachi:  Earlier today U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Jonathan Pratt visited Mohenjo Daro, a World Heritage site of outstanding value to humanity.  He was accompanied by Karachi Consul General Grace Shelton and site curator Mr. Zaheeruddin Shar.

“For me, the most interesting part of our visit was seeing Mohenjo Daro’s 5000 year-old college.  The people of Mohenjo Daro clearly believed in education, and access to education is still key to any society’s advancement.  Today Sindh is host to a number of excellent colleges and universities which are educating the next generation of Pakistani leaders,” Mr. Pratt noted, adding, “Pakistan’s sense of history and culture as a unifying force becomes all the more important in the wake of last week’s cruel attacks.”

During his visit to the region, DCM Pratt and CG Shelton also met with Dr. Fattah Chandio, Director, Quest University and students; Mrs. Shazia Manzar, Secretary General, Gomibai Jawharmal Ladies Club and club members; members of the Sukkur business community, and Mr. Arsalan Shaikh, Mayor of Sukkur.

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