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DNA Testing for Citizenship (CRBA & Passport) Cases

It is the responsibility of the applicants to clearly substantiate a bona fide relationship between them and the U.S. Citizen parent(s) and/or among the applicant in Citizenship (CRBA & Passport) cases processed by the Consular Section of the American Embassy, Islamabad. In such cases, where applicants are unable to prove their claimed relationship(s) based on their interview with the consular officers and the documents presented, they are asked to consider DNA testing. Such testing analyzes the genetic material present in human cells and has been found to be over 99 percent accurate in verifying family relationships such as: parent/child, brother/sister, etc. The testing is entirely voluntary and is non-invasive and painless. The results are typically available within a month or so (varies by lab).

If you decide to submit to DNA testing, the petitioner in the U.S. should make arrangements for the test with any DNA laboratory in the U.S. that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and conducts buccal swab testing. A list of AABB-accredited parental testing labs is attached and can also be found at: American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Any Internet search engine can be used to look up the contact information for the individual labs. Please ensure, however, that the DNA laboratory you choose:

  1. Can process buccal swabs
  2. Is willing to process the testing for the relationship under question (not all tests are for paternity)
  3. Is willing to handle international shipments
  4. Will forward the buccal swab test kit to the Embassy in a pre-paid envelope

We will notify you when we receive the testing kit. All DNA samples for applications must be collected at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. The applying parent must request that the U.S. DNA testing lab send the DNA kit directly to U.S. Embassy Islamabad. After the DNA swab samples have been collected, we will send them to the U.S. lab requested by the petitioner. As soon as the lab sends the results to us, we will contact the applicants to continue their CRBA/Passport case.

Payment of the costs incurred for DNA testing is the responsibility of the petitioning relative in the United States. Prices for DNA testing vary by lab. Applicants must also pay Rs. 2000/- per person when they submit their swab samples in Pakistan (this fee goes directly to the local doctor who takes the samples).

If you have any questions regarding DNA testing, please view here.

NOTE: You will be given 90 days from the date of  written notification by the U.S. Embassy to participate in DNA testing. If you need additional time beyond 90 days, you may request additional time from American Citizens Services before the end of the initial 90 days period. If you cannot participate in DNA testing within 90 days or a reasonably permitted time thereafter as conveyed to you in writing by the U.S. Embassy, your case will be processed towards denial of your application.