Procurement Solicitations

The Contracting and Procurement Unit in U.S. Consulate General Karachi Pakistan, seeks to enter into business with qualified and reliable firms with sufficient resources and work experience for delivering and performing a variety of commodities and/or services. The company shall be able to understand and comply with all requirements in the Request for Quote/Proposal (RFQ/P) in order to be considered for business with the United States Government in Pakistan.

Vendors/Contractors entering into business with the U.S. Government are requested to fill out the following form to register yourself in our vendor portal. You may review following existing higher-dollar valued acquisition and contractual opportunities advertised. The projects are not yet funded, and there is no guarantee of a contract. Qualified firms interested in any of these opportunities must follow the specific instructions in the solicitation package that is provided for each opportunity and must submit their proposals to:

General Services Office – Contracting Officer
Procurement Contracting Unit
U.S. Consulate General, Karachi.

Registration Form:

Solicitation Title:                  PR12169329 – 19PK4024Q5003 KHI-P&S Auction Service Winter 2023

Solicitation Number:            19PK4024Q5003

Issue Date:                             November 20, 2023

Closing Date:                         December 04, 2023

Solicitation Title:                  19PK4024Q5001-PR12147310 KHIFAC-7903-SUST- Paint Materials

Solicitation Number:            19PK4024Q5001

Issue Date:                             November 06, 2023

Closing Date:                         November 10, 2023

Solicitation Title:                  19PK4024Q5000 – PR12103198 – KHI- GSO: MPool Destruct Old FAVs

Solicitation Number:           19PK4024Q5000

Closing Date:                         November 11, 2023

Solicitation Title:                      19GE5023Q0084 – Supply and delivery of Passenger Vehicles (PDF 489KB)

Attachment B – JOFOC:          (PDF 307KB) 

Solicitation Number:                19GE5023Q0084

Closing Date:                            September 01, 2023

Solicitation Title:                        Lift Stations, Septic Tank & Manholes Cleaning at NCC (PDF 811KB)

Amendment:                               (PDF 143KB)

Issue date:                                   May 06, 2023

Closing date:                               August 22, 2023

Solicitation Title:               PR11846636 – KHI-P&S REPLENISHMENT – Electrical Plumbing Items for SDA (PDF 466KB)

Solicitation Number:         PR11846636

Issue Date:                         August 7th, 2023

Closing Date:                     August 17th , 2023

Solicitation Title:                 BPA Setup for Tax Advisory Services (PDF 383KB)

Solicitation Number:           PR11899407

Issue Date:                         August 3, 2023

Closing Date:                    August 15, 2023

Solicitation Title:                  19PK3323Q1138 – Supply of iPhone 14 & Pro Max (PDF 254KB)

Solicitation Number:            19PK3323Q1138

Issue Date:                             August 2, 2023

Closing Date:                         August 16 , 2023

Solicitation Title:                  19PK3323Q1139 – Supply of Telehandler (PDF 254KB)

Solicitation Number:            19PK3323Q1139

Issue Date:                             August 2, 2023

Closing Date:                         August 16 , 2023

Solicitation Title:                Pickle Ball Court Resurface and Paint Project at U.S. Consulate, Karachi (PDF 717KB)

Solicitation No:                  19PK40023Q6085

Issue date:                          July 27, 2023

Closing date:                      August 16, 2023

Solicitation Title:        RFQ# 19PK3323Q1134  Supply of Roof coting material (PDF 241KB)

RFQ#:                           RFQ# 19PK3323Q1134

Issue Date:                  July 27, 2023

Closing Date:              August 10 2023

Solicitation Title:         19PK40023Q6084: KHI-HR: Post Urdu Language Service (PDF 2MB)

Q&A:                            (PDF 164KB)

Solicitation Number:   PR11761955

Issue Date:                 
July 24, 2023

Closing Date:             
August 10,2023