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Employment FAQs

How do I apply for a job opening?

We no longer accept emailed, faxed, or paper applications. DS-174 Application Form or Resumes is no longer required. All applications for local vacancies at the U.S. Department of State must now be submitted through ERA to be considered. To check our current job vacancies and to apply, please visit our ERA Job Seeker page.

Can I just walk in and submit my application in person?

We do not accept walk-in applicants. We will only accept applications submitted through our ERA Job Seeker page.

In what language do I have to fill the ERA application?

All applicants are required to submit their application on ERA in English language.

What should I do if I forgot my ERA account password?

In case you forgot your password, the account lock is only TEMPORARY.

After 30 minutes, ERA will allow you to log in again.

If you can no longer remember your password, the system ONLY allows two options:

  1. Click the password reset hyperlink OR otherwise,
  2. Create a new account using a new email address.
If I don’t see an opening that I like, can I just send my resume for any future vacancy?

We do not accept applications for possible future vacancies.

On our ERA Job Seeker site, you can only apply for all currently available and active vacancies.

I don’t have the experience or education that the position requires, can I still apply?

If you do not have the necessary experience and/or correct education as listed in the requirements of the vacancy announcement, then you are not qualified and should not apply.

This policy applies to everyone and there are no exceptions.


I submitted my application in ERA on the day the vacancy closed. Is it still eligible?

The ERA system now follows our local time.  Vacancy announcements automatically close at 11:59 PM Pakistan time on the closing date.

Late submissions are not eligible.

This policy applies to everyone and there are no exceptions.


I have more than one position that I want to apply for. Can I just send one application?

On our ERA Job Seeker site, you need to apply to each of the active vacancy you are interested in and of which you are qualified.

You can send your application to more than one vacancy announcement for which you are qualified.


How should I describe my work experience?

Please follow instructions on how to apply and fill out all needed information honestly and completely.

It is important to clearly clarify your work responsibility and add all information that are relevant to the position requirements.


Do I have to submit my supporting documents along with the application?

Yes, all applicants must upload/attach relevant supporting documents (education certificate/degree, experience letter, any license if required) only along with their application while submitting application through ERA. Application without required documents will not be considered.

Educational Documents: Include academic degree/transcript/diploma/detailed mark sheet/school leaving certificate and/or any other related document as a single attachment using tab “Other Document”

Experience Documents: Include professional and job related experience certificates/letters of all previous work experiences and any proof (last drawn salary slip/appointment letter etc.) of current employment as a single attachment using tab “Other Document 2”.

Trade School Course/Diploma/License: Professional license from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as registered engineer/professional engineer/diploma certificate, if required in the vacancy announcement.

Driver’s License: Current valid & old driving licenses (if any) using tab “Driver’s License” as attachment, if required in the vacancy announcement.


How should I describe my educational background?

Please follow instructions on how to apply and fill out all needed information honestly and completely.

It is important to clearly state your educational background and provide the specific university study/course/major of study you finished. For the purpose of the filling out application on the system:

Primary School – refers to the completion of five (5) years of education.

Middle/Elementary School – refers to completion of eight (8) years of education

Secondary School – refers to completion of ten (10) years of education

Higher Secondary School– refers to completion of twelve (12) years of education

Collage or University Studies – refers to completion of fourteen (14) years of education, i.e. BA/BSc etc.

University Degree – refers to completion of sixteen (16 or higher) years of education, i.e. BS(hons), LLB, BBA, B.COM (hons), MA, MS, MPhil, PhD, etc.


There is no other available document list on the system for my other documents. How do I submit other documents as part of my application?

For other documents that you wish to upload, you can select ‘Others’ under Document Type, and specify the type of document in the Document Description.

You are expected to upload all the required documents as specified on each vacancy announcement.

You may disregard other documents on the ‘Document List’ that are not applicable to you.
Resumes are no longer required and will NOT be reviewed on the application process.

You are expected to provide all of your relevant information to your application when you apply.


Can I make changes on my online application OR add/remove supporting documents?

Yes, all changes on your application and removing or uploading supporting documents must be done before the announcement closes.

Once the vacancy announcement is closed, you can no longer make any changes.


How can I withdraw my application if I do not want to be considered for the position I applied for?

Prior to the closing date of the vacancy announcement, you can withdraw your application by clicking the ‘Dashboard’ to view all positions that you have applied for and select “Withdraw Application” for the application that you wish to withdraw.

However, if you wish to withdraw your application after the closing date of the announcement, you will no longer be able to access your online application.

You can inform us by sending an email to PakJobs@state.gov.
Provide your name and the vacancy announcement number of the application that you wish to withdraw.


How can I reapply if I have withdrawn my application?

You can reapply for the position no later than the closing date of the vacancy announcement:

  1. On the ‘Dashboard’ page, click ‘Edit Application’ for the position which you want to reapply.
  2. Double check all the information provided on each section.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ at the ‘Series, Grade, Location’ section,….
  4. …and then click ‘Reapply’ button under ‘Grade’.
  5. Then click ‘Save’.

Please note that once the vacancy announcement is closed, you are no longer allowed to reapply – this policy applies to everyone and there are no exceptions.

Do I have hiring preference if I am a U.S. Veteran?

No. Only qualified AEFM/USEFM who is a U.S. Veteran can obtain hiring preference. Hiring preference order will be as below:

(1) AEFM / USEFM who is a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran*


(3) FS on LWOP**

Definitions of items 1, 2, and 3 are available on every vacancy announcement.


How long is the hiring process?

We do not review applications until after the vacancy announcement has closed and the amount of time to fill a position varies depending on many factors so we are unable to provide an estimate.

Please wait for at least six (6) weeks after the closing date of the vacancy to know if you are shortlisted for the next level. We will contact you if your application have been shortlisted.

Follow-up is not needed.


How soon will I be contacted by the Embassy for a position I have applied for?

Due to many applications, we are only able to contact those applicants who are shortlisted for examination and interview.

Please assume that the position may be filled if you are not contacted within six (6) weeks after the closing date of each position.


Do you notify applicants if they don’t get selected for the position?

We only notify those applicants who were interviewed.

Only the interviewed applicants may contact the Human Resources Office to check the status of their application.