Excess Defense Articles from Afghanistan

Islamabad | March 31, 2014

Military equipment that has been determined to be excess can be made available through the worldwide excess defense articles (EDA) program, which is open to all eligible countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.  This equipment will not be brought back with U.S. forces from Afghanistan as they redeploy elsewhere.

The U.S. assists Pakistan through many security cooperation programs to build partnership capacity.  Pakistan has requested a variety of Excess Defense Articles (EDA). The U.S. is currently reviewing Pakistan’s request for EDA.  If approved, this EDA is likely to be sourced from U.S. stock outside Afghanistan.

The Department of Defense manages the process for identifying recipients for excess defense articles with State Department approval.

The decisions of who receives EDA are made on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration a range of factors including the need of potential recipients, regional security dynamics, how the recipient nations intend to use the equipment and the ability of an EDA recipient to sustain the equipment.  Final determinations of EDA are still being made.