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Grant Opportunities

Public Diplomacy Section Grant Opportunities

The U.S. Mission to Pakistan Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Department of State sponsors funding opportunities annually through its Public Diplomacy grants program. The award of grants or cooperative agreements is subject to the availability of funding.  PD typically posts funding opportunities between January and June each year.

USAID/Pakistan Funding Opportunities

With few exceptions, USAID/Pakistan awards are based on competition. Each competition includes a statement describing the services or assistance program that we are interested in, an explanation of our competition and evaluation procedures, and the evaluation factors upon which our award decision will be based.

How do I find out about competitions for grants and cooperative agreements?

Competitions for grants and cooperative agreements are posted on www.Grants.gov. To search that website for funding opportunities with the U.S. Government, go to that website and click on “Find Grants Opportunities” and select “Browse by Agency.” Select U.S. Agency for International Development from the list and check whether there are any listings for Pakistan.

How do I find out about competitions for contracts?

There are two possible answers depending on the size of the procurement and other factors: Most large contract competitions will be posted on the following U.S. Government website: https://beta.sam.gov/.

To search that website for contract opportunities with the U.S. Government, go to that website and sign on as a “vendor”. To find a particular department or agency, enter the appropriate acronym in the Search box. For example, to find listings with the U.S. Agency for International Development, enter “AID” in the Search box. You will then find two rows, one for “Overseas Missions” and one for “Washington DC”. To check whether there are any listings for Pakistan, go to Overseas Missions, select “Locations” and then look for “Pakistan”.

Some contract competitions will be limited to business concerns or organizations operating in Pakistan (i.e. “local procurements”). Notice of these competitions may be advertised in English language newspapers in Pakistan in addition to, or instead of, being advertised on the fedbizopps website.

Other Grant Opportunities

FY 2022 Request for Concept Notes Benefiting Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

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