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Instructions for Notary Services

Documents used for legal purposes in the United States may require notarization by a U.S. Consular officer.  Here are the requirements for using notarial services:

  1. The individual who needs to sign the document must appear in person at the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit, present proper identification e.g. a valid passport and pay the appropriate fee.
  2. If witnesses are required, you must bring your own.
  3. Do not sign the document until requested to do so by the notarizing, Consular officer.  Depending on the nature of the document, the Consular officer will either take an acknowledgement that your signature was done freely and with an understanding of the document’s contents, or administer an oath whereby you swear or affirm the contents of a document are true.
  4. Notarizing officers do not certify that the contents of submitted documents are true. A notarizing officer only certifies that you have signed and sworn or affirmed under oath that the contents are true.)
  5. Notarizing officers are prohibited from offering legal advice regarding the form or content of documents to be notarized.
  6. Appointments are required for notary services. Click here to make or cancel an appointment.
  7. We do not notarize any document on “rupee” paper

Note:  If you have a visa/green card inquiry Click here ! Please do not make an appointment with the ACS Unit.