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U.S. to Foster S&T Cooperation to Help Pakistan Embrace Technology-driven Economic Growth

Islamabad, June 3, 2014 – The United States today resolved to further its cooperation with Pakistan in science and technology by promoting the commercialization of scientific and engineering research in the country. Collaborative efforts in this direction will assist Pakistan in making its economy more competitive, dynamic, and driven by technology and innovation. At a ...
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Message for U.S. Citizens: IRS Webinar on Reporting of Foreign Financial Accounts

The Internal Revenue Service reminds all U.S. citizens and resident aliens, including those with dual citizenship who have lived or worked abroad during all or part of 2013, that they may have a U.S. tax liability and a filing requirement in 2014. The deadline for filing tax returns and other related financial information with the ...
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Message for U.S. Citizens: Voting in 2014

This message is to advise U.S. citizen of the updated voting procedures in the 2014 elections. Voting In 2014 Your vote counts! Did you know that many recent U.S. elections have been decided by a margin smaller than the number of ballots cast by military and overseas voters. All states are required to count every ...
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