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Passport & Consular Report of Birth Abroad Pickup

The minimum processing times for American Citizen Services provided at the U.S. Embassy Islamabad are:

  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and first-time passport applications – approximately 3 to 4 weeks
  • Adult and minor (applicants under 16 years of age) passport renewal applications – approximately 3 weeks
  • U.S. passport card applications – approximately 5 weeks

U.S. Embassy Islamabad will deliver documents (passport book, passport card, CRBA, application supporting documents) to the address provided by the applicant through TCS Private Limited.  This is a charge on delivery service that must be paid by the applicant.  The estimated cost of delivery to your residence is 930/- Pakistani Rupees.

Only the passport holder, or parents of applicants under age 16, can sign for the passport and/or CRBA delivery.  Delivery and payment questions should be sent directly to TCS Private Limited at customerservices@tcs.com.pk or 021-111-123-456.

TCS Private Limited will make two delivery attempts to the address you provided.  If the delivery attempt fails, your documents will be returned to our office and you will need to contact U.S. Embassy Islamabad to arrange for pick-up.  Any documents returned to U.S. Embassy Islamabad that are NOT collected from the Embassy within 90 days will be returned to the United States.

If you need to send additional supporting documents to U.S. Embassy Islamabad, you should do so through TCS Private Limited.

Please contact TCS Private Limited for their Terms of Delivery