PNCA Exhibition Opening Remarks

Date: November 18, 2016 

Location: Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

We are delighted to support this wonderful exhibit, “Open Field.” I would like to thank PNCA Director General Jamal Shah for hosting the exhibit, curator Aasim Akhtar, Kuch Khaas Center CEO Michelle Tania, and visiting American curator Vicky Clark for their partnership and hard work in making this show happen.

I would also like to thank the artists for lending their artworks. We are delighted to help showcase so many talented young Pakistani artists.

The American Embassy is proud to spend over 100 million rupees annually to fund arts programing in Pakistan, introducing Pakistanis and Americans to each other’s artistic traditions.  Programs like these enrich the people-to-people connections and cultural exchange between the Pakistani and American arts communities.

I have a deep appreciation for contemporary art. I have enjoyed displaying Pakistani contemporary artists in my residence, including such great talents as Imran Qureshi and others.

This exhibit shows the vitality of the Pakistani arts community and its ability to conserve and reflect its rich creative heritage while inventing new forms of expression for today.

The arts engage, educate, and inspire. Art is one of the few media of communication that can cross all borders and speak to us regardless of our nationality or language.

I look forward to seeing the exhibit.  Thank you.