Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Islamabad

Location:  Islamabad, Pakistan

Event:  Large processions in and around Islamabad and Rawalpindi are expected from September 8 through September 11, due to the observance of the 9th and 10th days of Muharram.  During this period, there is special concern due to sectarian violence in the past.  There will be a heavy police presence throughout the city, especially in the vicinity of the larger scheduled processions in Sectors G-6, G-9, Rawalpindi, and Bari Iman.  Many roads will be blocked or heavily congested, and there will be an increased number of checkpoints.  U.S. government personnel are required to travel in armored vehicles outside the Diplomatic Enclave on September 9 and 10.

Embassy Operations:  The Embassy will be closed on September 9 and 10 in observance of Muharram.

Actions to Take:

  • Avoid the rallies.
  • Avoid demonstrations.
  • Avoid crowds.
  • Monitor local media for updates.
  • Keep a low profile.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.