Small Grants Support Innovative Community-led Initiatives in Pakistan

Karachi – An event in Karachi today showcased the impact and achievements of the Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP). Beneficiaries, government officials and community leaders participated. Since 2010, The SGAFP, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has supported more than 50 grants in Sindh province worth US $6.5 million. The program supports many development needs in Pakistan by supporting innovative, community-based projects that can be quickly implemented.

“From building the capacity of fishermen of the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea to undertaking integrated measures for the protection of nearly endangered species, and from inculcating reading skills among students to empowering women with disabilities through skills development, SGAFP has touched and transformed the lives of over 280,000 people in Sindh by awarding grants in multiple sectors,” said USAID Provincial Director Denise Herbol.

Since its inception in 2010, the USAID Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program has provided a total of US $37 million to over 300 projects across Pakistan, improving the quality of life for more than two million people. While the Small Grants component of the program supports education and civic participation initiatives, the Ambassador’s Fund supports projects relating to empowering vulnerable populations, encouraging social entrepreneurship, developing small-scale energy solutions, promoting culture and the arts, and improving disaster preparedness.

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