Statement of the Trilateral Meeting among Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States

Islamabad, December 10, 2015 – Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States are fully committed to enabling an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned political process that promotes a dialogue between the Afghan government and groups of Taliban on the future of Afghanistan and the cessation of violence. Peace and reconciliation remains the surest way to end violence and ensure stability in Afghanistan and the region.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States commit to accelerate diplomatic and political efforts to put an end to the conflict in Afghanistan. The aim of the peace process will be to negotiate in good faith to resolve outstanding issues, build on areas of agreement, and develop a lasting solution that meets the needs of all Afghans. All three countries will work to create conditions that encourage participation of Taliban groups in a peace process that demonstrates to them that they have a real option of political engagement.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States commit to pursuing the start of peace talks immediately. All efforts for dialogue between the Government of Afghanistan and Taliban groups will be explored and encouraged. All will pursue with urgency confidence building measures that reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan, and allow for full participation and in talks by all participants.

Afghanistan and Pakistan agree that all forms of terrorism present a grave threat to both countries and the region. Both countries commit to preventing their territories to be used by any violent extremist group or third party, and acknowledge that those who refuse to join a political resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan must be opposed with all means available. The United States commits to supporting these efforts.

Safeguarding Afghanistan’s sovereignty, unity, independence, territorial integrity, and Islamic character as a democratic republic are fundamental to resolving the current conflict. The legitimacy of the Afghan state and the legitimacy of Afghanistan’s constitution must be fully respected. The rights of all Afghans, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religious identity, must be protected in any peace process.

Afghanistan and Pakistan commit to broadening their state to state political, economic, and security cooperation and people to people interactions. Friendly, mutually respectful relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are necessary to create an enabling environment for the peace process and talks and to ensure the security, stability, prosperity, and national interests of both states.