The United States Has Donated Over 50 Million COVID-19 Vaccines to Pakistan

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Islamabad, February 9, 2022U.S. donations of COVID-19 vaccines to Pakistan surpassed 50 million doses this week, as Washington continues its commitment to deliver life-saving vaccines to the people of Pakistan.

“With the shipment of an additional 4.7 million Pfizer vaccine doses this week, U.S.-donated vaccines to Pakistan have now reached over 52 million,” said U.S. Embassy Islamabad’s Chargé d’affaires Angela P. Aggeler.

The United States delivered the most recent tranche of 4.7 million Pfizer vaccine doses to Pakistan late last week, bringing the total to over 52 million U.S.-donated COVID-19 vaccine doses to Pakistan.

Chargé Aggeler said the United States, as the single largest contributor in support of COVAX efforts, continues to work with Pakistan to improve infection prevention and control and enhance patient care and is also supporting Pakistan to expand its capacity to deal with diseases in the future.  “This shows our important partnership with Pakistan to improve this country’s national health infrastructure,” she said.  “I especially congratulate the Government of Pakistan for administering a record-breaking 2 million vaccines in one day and 187.9 million vaccines overall,” she added. “With these remarkable efforts, the United States and Pakistan can make real progress together in addressing the scourge of COVID-19 across the globe.”

In addition to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the United States has also provided Pakistan with more than 1.2 million N95 masks, 96,000 surgical masks, 52,000 protective goggles, one million COVID-19 rapid diagnostic tests, 1,200 pulse oximeters, and 200 ventilators for 64 Pakistani hospitals.  The U.S. government also trained over 30,000 female health workers across Pakistan on home-based care for COVID-19 patients and established a national network of disease surveillance and response units and teams.  This is all part of the nearly $70 million the U.S. government has donated to assist the Pakistani people in the fight against COVID-19.

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