U.S. Ambassador Olson Discusses U.S.-Pakistan Relations at Lahore University of Management Sciences

Lahore, October 3, 2014 – Lahore University for Management Sciences (LUMS) hosted U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Richard G. Olson for a discussion with 200 students and faculty on October 2. During his talk, Ambassador Olson highlighted important areas of mutual cooperation between Pakistan and the United States and welcomed remarks by Vice Chancellor Naqvi, who thanked the U.S. for its support to LUMS’s founding.

Ambassador Olson began his remarks by saying, “the U.S.-Pakistan relationship is broad-based, it is resilient, and it is durable.” The Ambassador commented that “both sides believe a strong relationship between our two countries is of great importance to regional stability and to achieving a more prosperous future for our citizens.”

The Ambassador spoke about the importance of “economic growth and energy sector reform” to the people of Pakistan and said that “U.S. assistance has added new power generation capacity” in Pakistan. Ambassador Olson also mentioned his upcoming ICT trade mission to the United States with Pakistani technology executives and government officials as a way “to explore opportunities for increased trade, investment and jobs for our two countries.” He went on to reaffirm U.S. support for the Heart of Asia initiative, “which seeks to promote regional peace, stability, and prosperity.” The Ambassador also acknowledged “Pakistan is a vital partner in supporting a secure Afghanistan, and we know how closely Pakistan’s security is linked to Afghanistan’s success.”

Ambassador Olson concluded by underscoring the importance of exchange programs between the United States and Pakistan by saying “these people-to-people exchange opportunities ultimately enrich the lives of both Pakistanis and Americans. They foster the exchange of innovative ideas, are vital for the creation of new jobs, and the dissemination of best practices and lessons learned. And, they bring our people together in ways that breathe life into the partnership that our political leaders have called for,” Ambassador Olson said.

Ambassador Olson closed his conversation with the audience by highlighting the need to expand and reinforce the enduring partnership between the United States and Pakistan: “we share the same fundamental goals and desires for our people. As partners, we can deliver peace, stability, and prosperity for the people of Pakistan and the United States.”