U.S. Consul General Hosts Sports Diplomacy Event

group shot

U.S. Consul General Brian Heath tested his football skills along with 22 young men at a football clinic held at his residence. The results? Stay tuned.

“Playing sports is a great – and fun – way to learn about teamwork,” said Mr. Heath. “What better way to teach young people about working together as a group to achieve common objectives than a fun game like football or, as we call it in America, soccer,” said Mr. Heath.

kids playing soccer

The goal of the event, said Mr. Heath, was to showcase sports as a tool for enhancing mutual understanding and bridging cultures. “Today’s program uses football to promote the kinds of skills inherent in working successfully together as a team: socialization, competition, and communication. By providing their time to the kids, the coaches also demonstrated the important role volunteerism plays in a community,” said Mr. Heath.

As part of the program, coaches from the Karachi United Football Foundation (KUFF) provided training to hone the football skills of 14-17 year old children from underprivileged areas of Karachi. The sports clinic ended with an exhibition-style soccer match that pitted consulate staff against the children and proved that age and experience do not always win the day. Being a good sport, the Consul General conceded defeat in the game, donating foot balls to the victorious boys and the KUFF.