U.S. Consul General Makaneole promotes Agribusiness and Ecotourism during visit to Chakwal and Jhelum  

Jhelum April 14, 2023:- U.S. Consul General Lahore William K. Makaneole visited the districts of Chakwal and Jhelum as part of U.S. Consulate Lahore’s effort to visit all of Punjab’s districts.  Through these visits U.S. Consulate Lahore aims to strengthen people-to-people ties with all of Punjab and explore economic opportunities outside Lahore, including in Pakistan’s tourism industry.

While at the Barani Agricultural Research Institute Chakwal, Mr. Makaneole also described the U.S. – Pakistan Green Alliance initiative. “The U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance is a new framework that will help us jointly meet the climate, economic, and energy challenges of the present and future. The United States is working alongside Pakistan as it strengthens climate resilience, pursues energy transformation, and fosters inclusive economic growth, including through initiatives relating to agriculture, energy, water, and more.”

Consul General Makaneole appreciated local entrepreneurial efforts during the visit. At an iftar with members of the business community in Chakwal, Consul General Makaneole emphasized that the United States is Pakistan’s largest bilateral export destination. He noted that “In 2022, bilateral trade hit a record $9.9 billion, with Pakistani exports to the United States reaching $6.8 billion.  But, I believe there is room to grow these outstanding numbers.”

Pakistan is home to a rich cultural heritage and Consul General Makaneole pointed out the importance of these sites. While touring the Katas Raj Temple in Chakwal, Mr. Makaneole acknowledged, “Pakistan is home to people from diverse sects and religions. This temple is an example of Pakistan’s efforts to promote peace and religious harmony, which makes our world safer.” He concluded his three-day tour of Northern Punjab with a day in Jhelum, where he visited the Rohtas Raj Fort. There he suggested that the diverse cultural legacy of Pakistan can provide a foundation for the tourism industry. He particularly emphasized that because of the area’s natural resources, eco-tourism is an especially promising area for growth.

Consul General Makaneole also met with Deputy Commissioners Chakwal and Jhelum. He thanked them for their hospitality and facilitating the tour of the two districts. The United States has a broad, deep, and long-term partnership with the people of Punjab Province spanning the education, economic, health, and rule of law sectors and beyond. U.S. Consulate Lahore looks forward to deepening and expanding these relationships over the coming years.