U.S. Consul General Welcomes Newest Participants to Sukkur’s “EnglishWorks” Program

Sukkur: U.S. Consul General Grace Shelton welcomed 50 new students to the six months’ long “English Works” Program at the Lincoln Corner in Khairpur. The program, funded through Mission Pakistan’s Regional English Language Programs Office, focuses on enhancing business communication skills – including professional-level English – to improve students’ employment and educational prospects, and in many cases, their ability to support their families. At the same time the program introduces youth to U.S. values such as volunteerism, and cultural and religious pluralism.

In her address to the students, Consul General Shelton said, “Whether you are doing academic research, participating in an international conference or making a business deal, English will be key to your success, and that is why the English Works program is so important.”

The ceremony was held at the Lincoln Corner in Khairpur, one of 18 Lincoln Corners across Pakistan run by the American Embassy. A Lincoln Corner is a resource center and event space hosted in partnership with Pakistani institutions – public libraries, universities, and cultural centers – which provides a platform for open dialogue between Pakistanis and Americans, promotes mutual understanding, and strengthens people-to-people ties through programs.

To learn more about Lincoln Corners, visit https://pk.usembassy.gov/education-culture/lincoln-corners/.  For more information on U.S. assistance in Pakistan please visit pk.usembassy.gov.