U.S. Embassy Hosts Hands-on “Online Journalism Resources” Training

Islamabad | April 17, 2014

The United States Embassy hosted a training session for working journalists, including reporters and sub-editors, to provide current information on free, U.S.-based information resources and databases available for enriching their professional expertise today in Islamabad. U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Meghan Gregonis welcomed the participants and underscored the value of the wealth of online resources available that can help journalists hone their reporting skills and do their jobs with professional finesse. She also emphasized the importance of fair and accurate reporting.

During the training session, journalists were given an extensive tour of online database repositories helpful for researching background information and setting global issues in proper context. Participants were able to explore eLibraryUSA, a free-of-cost resource offered by the U.S. Department of State to students, journalists, teachers, librarians, and researchers in Pakistan and other select countries. This resource allows users to access thousands of books, journals, newspapers, reports, and documentaries. The workshop also covered essential U.S. government websites that provide official information on foreign policy and related issues and included a discussion of journalism ethics. The session was conducted by the U.S. Embassy’s Information Resource Center, which is a resource available to journalists, academics, and others interested in learning more about the United States or accessing U.S. reference materials.

In closing the session, Embassy Spokesperson Meghan Gregonis encouraged the journalists to take full advantage of the free resources available to enrich their reporting. She said, “The resources available help journalists to rely on multiple sources, verify facts and figures, and double check the authenticity of their reports as they bring important news stories to the people of Pakistan.”

The Information Resource Center, in addition to providing research services, also manages the Lincoln Corner program which allows the Pakistani public to access information about American culture, values, government, and society. Lincoln Corners bring resources like online databases and other reference materials including books, magazines, and informative videos to people throughout Pakistan.